B​e Improwise!

Give and you will get!

Stjärnfall is a free improvisation group consisting of professional actors and musicians.

We started out in 1996, and have implacably worked towards making improv a part of the life of audiences, students, companies, associations etc.

Our base is in Helsinki, but being the only Swedish­speaking professional improv group in Finland, we also cover a widespread area along the coast.

During the years, more than 25 actors have been engaged in our group. Today the group consists of ten actors, two musicians and two light­improvisers. Some of us have mostly been working in institutional theatres, some of us in the free theatre field – and we are all fond and enthusiastic members of the world­wide improvisation community.

By the way, Stjärnfall means “shooting stars” or rather “falling stars” – sometimes the fall is hard, sometimes it is light, but it is always glimmering!

Meet our actors!


The core of our work is improvised performances, initiated by suggestions from the audience. We do long and short stories, musicals, soap­operas.

We are often asked by companies, associations, schools etc. to give custom­made performances. We are also engaged in educational work, giving workshops and courses of many different kinds. Our work is energizing, astonishing, stimulating and surprising.


Improv is like life itself: here and now. A story filled with unexpected turns and unpredicted incidents. No one knows when or how it ends.

Life is too short not to be lived with imagination, humorous subversion, creativity, fun, curiosity and an open mind – in other words improv.
We continuously investigate and develop our skills in the art of improvisation. Improv enables communication at its best!

In the spring of 2008 we were invited to participate in the 6th annual Improvisation Festival in Leuven, Belgium, were we gave workshops and performances.

We have invited improvisers from groups abroad to give inspiring workshops, e.g Alex Marino, (The Daily Show, Magnet Theater), Barbara Scott (BATS, True Fiction Magazine), Per Gottfredsson (The Stockholm Improvisation Theatre) and James Mc Laughlin (Improv Bandits) among many others.”


Tell us what you need ­

  • a performance?
  • short or long?
  • for children or grown­ups – or something in between?
  • new angles of approach and humour to spice up your course or seminar?
  • improvised situations on topics of interest to you?
  • entertainment at parties, more or less private?
  • a visit from us to your school, nursery or home for aged people?
  • a program in English, Swedish, Finnish – or the cross­over language Gibberish?

We are open to all suggestions and desires, and we deliver custom­made solutions!

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